Aehre Tradition meets know-how. Since 1775.
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It's all in the mix. We make baking better. And more varied.

Plangemühle is the mill of exquisite taste and of our culture's traditional variety of baked goods. We know more about flours because we have never stopped reinventing mill products and preserving proven baking practices.

As an owner-run, medium-sized company based in the port of Neuss (near Düsseldorf), the Plangemühle – a member of the Bindewald & Gutting Milling Group – is today one of the largest market-leading milling companies in Germany. Since we were founded in 1775, we have passed our in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the market for grain, flour and baked goods on to our partners and companies.

Flours are our daily bread. We have constantly refined this core business. We have exactly the right flour for every customer so they can create products of consistently high quality and unmistakeable taste. And if they don't find what they're looking for in our extensive range, we'll create their very own customer-specific flour for them. Because understanding service is the foundation of our company, our ability to innovate our driving force – almost like the sails of a traditional windmill.

Guaranteeing enjoyment and freshness was, is and will remain our top priority. For us, the traditional bakery trade is not an end in itself, but a state of mind. We consider it a great honour and an obligation not only to maintain the baking culture in our country, but also to carry it forward sustainably and emphatically. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. We vouch for this with our good name.

  • 1775 year of our foundation
  • 85 employees
  • 450,000 t ground / year

Mill products are not big business for us, but a vocation.