Aehre Special flours

Special flours

Flatbread flour

Special flour for the production of flatbreads, pitta and oriental baked goods.

Water5+ wheat flour

Activated, highly functional special flour with a high water absorption capacity, for the production of all baked goods of the highest quality.

UTAH Powder

Special flour with remarkable oxidation stability for all types of fresh dough.

Tipo 00 Superiore Di Grano Tenero

A reliable, well-balanced wheat flour with good dough properties for easy processing.

Tipo 1 Speciale Di Grano Tenero

The perfect flour with a high protein value. Ideal for baking a variety of different Italian bread and roll specialities with a distinctive taste profile.

Rimacinata Sole Giallo Semola Di Grano Duro

Suitable for dusting, working and shaping, as a dough ingredient and for making pasta.

Thermally and hydrothermally refined flours

Our defined finishing processes are essential in the production of various application-based special flours. Viscosity, swelling behaviour, microbiological status and gluten properties can be adjusted to suit specific requirements.

Dried special flours

Our technology ensures that the flour is dried particularly gently without affecting the viscoelastic gluten properties.

High Bioactive Fibre / High Bioactive Germs

Prebiotic grain roughage for optimising nutritional value.

KKG mix

Mix of hydrothermally stabilised wheat brans and wheat germs, and highly aromatic barley malt grain. This mix is suitable for the recombination of strong wholemeal flours used to make aromatic wholemeal baked goods with a very long shelf life and the optimum crumb and crust properties.