Aehre Out of responsibility and love for an honest product

Because it's more environmentally friendly, more efficient and more sustainable.

Our corporate philosophy is based on sustainability. When Georg Plange I founded the Plange Mühle in 1775, sustainability was far from being the buzzword it is today; rather, it was about the pursuit of values for the following generations. We are still pursuing this goal to this day, and many more have been added.

Protecting the environment is particularly close to our hearts today, and in fact in 2019 gave rise to the "Flower patches" project. As well as complying with legal requirements, some of our partner farmers are creating flowering areas that are several metres wide, and continue to flower well beyond the harvest period. This means they provide protection and food for native creatures and contribute to regional biodiversity.

To us, sustainability also means always keeping our eye on our customers' customers. As a result, we have known for some time that today's consumers look closely at the list of ingredients before they choose a product. And this need is what we produce for. "Just in time" – just at the right moment and precisely for the particular requirement. Our range consists mainly of classic flours, meals, semolina and special flours, plus processing aids made from wheat, spelt and rye.

"Eifelähre" is an initiative by the the Plange Mühle that campaigns for sustainable baking culture, and is intended to preserve historic grain cultivation areas in the Eifel. Our "Eifelähre flour" stands for a strong sense of regional identity and a clear connection to the region. The exquisite and qualitatively outstanding mill product is not only a top flour of the highest quality, but also a commitment to a responsible approach to our environment, partners, customers and employees.

Sustainability has become a must in the food industry. We don't make a big thing out of it because dealing responsibly with nature is part of our history.