Aehre Wheat

Wheat products

Type 405

The classic flour for fine baked goods such as cakes, pastries, pie crusts and other lighter baked goods.

Wheat flour type 550 without ascorbic acid

Strong, unprocessed all-purpose wheat flour.

Type 550 Cookie Flour

Special flour with the optimum starch and gluten structure. Used for shortcrust pastries, shortbreads and waffle mixes.

Type 550 Special

Good baker's flour with consistently high baking properties.

Type 550 Jewel

Special bread roll flour for all the different types of bread and rolls.

Type 550 Meteor

Strong wheat flour for highly demanding processes, e.g. long processes, proving rest periods, clean label products.

Type 550 Meteor Top

High-protein flour for the manufacture of buns, tortillas, toast and other specialities

Type 812

The flour for a pronounced aroma profile. Used for various bread and roll specialities.

Type 1050

Dark ground wheat flour for classic bread making.

Wholemeal flours

Strong and stable for all wholemeal baking.

Volkoren flours

Our strong Volkoren flours are characterised by a balanced granulation and particularly good processing properties. Baked goods made with these flours appeal with a particularly loose, soft crumb

Stone ground wholewheat flour

Intensively purified wheat in various finely-graded granulations.

Soft wheat semolina / wheat middlings

Durum wheat products

Our durum semolinas for various purposes.